Tuesday, March 20, 2007


If only I can just close my ears and eyes, if only I can just live without hoping to anything except Allah and Rasullullah...

* Today - EOP presentation - Biomimetrics?? haha
- Sarah asked me to teach her driving, ended up by 2hrs chit-chat

This is my most important semester, am I too much studyholic? Books and knowledge have been my love and companion that really loyal and really helpful. But knowing more make me feel more unknown >>>>>>>>>>> than known... I am too curious, afraid that this curiousity will kill me later on (this is too much, maslina).

I am confius where to go (career). However, my personality test all shows that I am 'social-oriented' - almost full marks rather than others, even low mark for personality for researcher or engineer. Someone told me I am 'special-case'.

I feel that all my life I am forced to do other than what I like but I will never leave behind my utmost like (people), but I am trained and gifted with my ability in math, science, logical - which I can follow but always give me pressure. Maybe, this is my destiny: My career = science, My likes (hobby) = people. What can I do after all my applications failed, and people forcing me every now and then...

That's why I am very active in society and friendster, or I will be crazy if I don't find people to talk to. (Engineers usually talk to machines more)

Maybe, a human will always want something they don't have yet rather than wanting what they already have, well if we have it already what for wanting2, hehe... try to be thankful

I know already the reason and secret of why of too little things but of course too much still unreveiled

*Don't judge me upon your ignorance (quoted from someone)

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