Thursday, March 29, 2007

If only we can just close our eyes and ears...

Today, finished MSD exam, my 3rd paper.

My exam schedule:
System Dynamics - 23rd March
Microcontroler Based Design - 28th March
Mechatronics Syatem Design - 29th March (today)
Operations Management - 4th April
English for Occupational Purposes & FYP - no final, haha

(I am currently in my final semester in bachelor degree of Mechatronics Engineering minoring in Business Administration in International Islamic University Malaysia - IIUM or UIAM - Garden of Knowledge and Virtue). InsyaAllah graduate August 2007 - pray for me, ya.

This is my last paper for my degree program, I took more than people usually take in final year to graduate this sem. Bcoz I didn't take one short sem and also doing my minor. Later, everything will become a memory, the previous life is like keeping it in a cupboard, and will only be open again at the day of judgement.

Today, from something happen, I wonder one thing... should we consider all that people think in everything we do? I don't know for others, but for me, it is a difficult task to be accomplished. What if we have to sacrifice everthing because of others? Is that worth it?

I am not denying the importance of having people's opinion, as for me, other's advice has made significant changes and benefit me a lot. Of course from love and trusted people. Like my parents that always protects me, they never force me to do anything but will never allow anything that will hurt me. My friends that always listen and stay by my side. My aunt that always believe I can do the best. My lecturers that trust me that I am a good student. And someone that make me feel appreciated... This give me motivation and bring me to positive change...

A number of people also have been the fire and torn for me. Then, should I worry about this and stop what I am doing, let go what I have, or just ignore, close my eyes and ears? My mum said, what people say (negative) is more dangerous than any poison on earth. A healthy people that hear a doctor say he will die tomorrow will eventually die because of worriness not sickness.

Believe this or not, it is true. Or when we are enthusiasm to win a competition, and people say, "you will not win". If we believe this, we will never win as we will first think "I cannot win", and start to not doing the best, and tell others, "I cannot do". And if we do not believe in ourself, how can people believe us?

But if we think, I can surely success, and as we believe, we act, and we say positive things, and people who see will agree. The state of mind, the attitude and attempt are on the right track to the success.... THIS IS THE SECRET OF ""POWER OF MIND" THAT THE PHILOSOPHERS MENTIONED. Something to ponder upon.

Berhati-hatilah dgn corak fikiranmu kerana ia akan menjadi perkataan
Berhati-hatilah dgn perkataanmu kerana ia akan menjadi perbuatan
Berhati-hatilah dgn perbuatanmu kerana ia akan menjadi tabiat
Berhati-hatilah dgn tabiatmu kerana ia akan menjadi karakter
Karaktermu akan menentukan destinasi, kebahagiaan dan kesengsaraanmu

Bacalah cerita KATAK, tentu anda lebih faham...

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