Thursday, March 15, 2007

It is sad..

No wonder there is quite some time during System Dynamics class I feel kinda sad. Today, Dr. Atef said today will be his last class at UIA. I said, really? Is he going back to Egypt? Well, it's really true. During the class I feel like crying, not sure what make me so sad, however I try to hold myself from crying. I can see his eyed watering to. Maybe because it was so shocking. Or maybe I am a girl that can easily cry.

I always will love and respect all my lecturers, even though I will only talk to them regarding the subject. For me they give me such a valuable knowledge and guides me to be a good person. But sometimes things in life cannot be explained. Like why should I feel so sad, I did cry after the class.

After that I went to his office to get the notes, and to check my low-mark asignment and he just add 2.4 marks to my asignment, which I actually just want to ask what I did wrong in the asignment. I feel I lost a person that protects me. Because I noticed he always highlight all what I did wrong in the test or quizes until I can feel that he really care, (not that I an 'perasan', but it was too obvious to not to notice) and one day he told me to apply for assistant lecturer when at that time i feel helpless, lost and undecided about my future planning.

Still, now I feel like crying and its weird. What I can only conclude is maybe Allah loves him that makes people around him loves him too.

Perpisahan, is indeed sstu yg pedih utk dihadapi .....

Today, I also have the presentation for MSD Project, our "Clothes Folding Robot" []. I arrived quite late but had to go back to my hostel as I forgot to bring the thumbdrive that contain the power point slides for the presentation. I seldom leave my thumbdrive as I always need to take the notes from the comp after class. I walked very fast, sometimes running to my room. Sweating all over, and after that had to present the project in front.

Actly after the class I promised to take the photocopied notes but went straight to my college, after the presentation, so had to go back again remembering that I should keep my promise. Even though I can just go tomorrow.

Today, I walked the same route 8 times.

What a day...

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