Sunday, March 11, 2007

this is normal

For me, life is full of wonders and surprises. When I was small, I think, where will I further my study after school,what course should I take? And suddenly this is my final semester (InsyaAllah) in UIA, where I think there is nothing weird. But, I believe, everybody is facing this. Now, I'm facing the same situation, as I moving to other phase of life, from a student to a career woman, from a teenager to an adult (I don't really feel ready to this) - still having that childlish feelings, and my lecturer even said that he feel that won't let us graduate as we looked soo young and innocent, and I told him that if we don't graduate, we will never be matured as we live in a pampered, relaxed, no-responsibility, happy student life.

Of course I wonder what will I be, what kind of job will I do, to whom will I married to... And again, people will just follow the timeline and the changes naturally, and the time passes... Sometimes what we planned not necessarily achieved, we even arrived at a situation we never thought of, and again... this is normal...

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