Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Vijk II?

Recently, I got a new friend. The beginning of our friendship is quite weird. It has been my habit to make friends with new friend, even I never met before in Friendster. She was first skeptical me as a 'spy'.

As time pass by, we message each other. I also curious to know as people seldom message a new friend so frequently, with long messages. I reply to all her messages. I like to chat (sembang-sembang) with others anyway. And also, my eagerness to know why would she think me as a 'spy'.

Interesting, isn't it?

The day before yesterday was the time when we talked through YM, and she told me her story. This is not a weird thing for me. Many people I just met for the first time suddently tell me the 'big', 'ultimate' secret they haven't told anybody before else except me. They just come from nowhere and tell me their problems, the big problems that make them felt sick, lost hope and courage.

I don't want people to be sad, as I will feel the sorrow. I don't want them to suffer, as the pain is so ache. At least I can listen and share their agony. A true friends cry together.

Really, there are many poeple suffers, life is not easy. Don't critisize people easily as we don't know what they have gone through in their life... The life for a Muslim is full of test and torns along the way of fighting in the way of Allah (perjuangan di jalan Allah).

Back to the story of my dear friend, actually she in a big soreness for her love that is being obstructed by the family members. From her story, I can feel how deep her love and how painful it is in her heart. Me myself cried a few times for her, and still feel like crying!

If we ever felt in love, we would know, how strong is the 'wind' of love. The feelings that go so deep in our heart, combination of happiness and painful. But what if the happiness we dream together, the heaven we planned so beautifully, the love they built to get bless from Allah... suddently taken away by unrealistic reason.

Just like HAMKA always tell in stories, 'Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Vijk' and 'Di Bawah Lindungan Kaabah'. True love that cannot be achieved because of different level - Perbezaan Darjat. Or the story of 'Ibu Mertuaku' by P. Ramlee, or 'Laila and Majnun'. But, still people don't take the lesson. This is egoism, right?

All these stories ends with tragis, die because of too much painful. I don't want this to happen again in our society. And to my dear friend. Let us pray for her.

Please think deeply and put your feet inside others shoes. What if this happen to you. Because of our egoistic, we take away other's life.

I don't want to tell in detail about her, to keep her dignity and secret. But the reason I write this here is to ask everbody to pray for her together. I really cannot stand to see her like this. Leaving her study and fall sick every time. Can you?

"Tidak beriman seseorang itu sehingga dia menyayangi saudaranya (yang Muslim) sebagaimana dia menyayangi diri sendiri"

"One is not a true believer (in Islam) until he/she loves his/her brothers/sisters in Islam much as he/she loves himself."

Let us pray for her...

Kita orang Islam adalah bersaudara. Kita adalah sebagai satu. Sakitnya seorang saudara kita dirasa oleh kita semua.


NewZulfi said...

why dont u write everything in engish.. u can see my friendster account....

Siti Noor Maslina said...

Why don't you learn bahasa Melayu, it is among the easiest languange on earth, like Thai's. Just an oppinion.